Edges of Memory
  California Dreamin'
  Closer to the Sun
  Iconic L.A.
  Rusted Bolts
  Pop Art
  Mod Art
  A Moment of Beauty
Artist Statement
Beauty and Decay: Along the Shoreline
All That Remains #2
In the Heat of the Day
Die Off
On the Briny Shore
What Kind of Refuge?
And the Dead Tree Gives No Shelter
Perched at Sunset
Heron's Flight
Two Pelicans
Sunset Flights
Returning to the Hollow of an Ancient Sea
Brine Pool
Toxic Stew
Toxic Runoff
Shoreline Algae
Ghost's Banquet #2
Deceptive Beauty
Receding Sanctuary
The Water Has No Sound
Last Vestiges
As the Curtain Falls
Two Palms
Lost to the Brine
This Was a Place for Dreamers
Broken Harbors
$500 Down
Letting Go
So Many Messages
There Were Better Times
Left Behind
Time Has Not Been Kind
This is Where People Gathered
They Toasted Their Good Fortune
Yesterday's Pleasure #2
Yesterday's Pleasure
Left in Pieces
Upon the Hopeless Fall the Shadows
Discarded Dreams
Grand Plans
Dried Oasis #1
False Shoreline
A View Once Held
Vanishing Pleasure
Felix Was Here
High and Dry
Dried Oasis #3
False Refuge
Golden Light
Taking Flight
Relics--Assemblage-found objects
Reclaimed--Sculpture-found objects