Closer to the Sun
  California Dreamin'
  Island Living
  Mod Art
  Pop Art
  Iconic L.A.
  Vanishing Oasis
  Rusted Bolts
Art Statement
Chair Beneath the Window
In the Interim
Lunchtime Stragglers
The Quiet Hour
Afternoon Glow
No Footfalls
Looking Toward the Pleasure Pier
Parting at Calais
City of Bricks and Stone
Light in the Window
The Bunkers at Balmedie
Bridge Over the Thames
A Growing Space of Time and Distance
Well Trod Stairway
A Quiet Morning
Sometiimes the Way Ahead Is Obscured
Days of Learning,
Here the Time Passed Slowly
Last Day at the Summer House
In Places Gone By
Left Behind
Church by the Sea
The Brewery Gate
Time Like Water #2
They Waited on the Other Side
Evening Shades
There Were Hopes and Promises Then
Silent Now
In a Place Long Ago
And Then the Music Faded
Dried Herbs
Two Empty Benches
When She Turned They Were Gone
As If Time Were Kind
In Their Places
On a Well-Traveled Road
Where a River Once Ran
Facing the Retreating Tide
After the Storm
They Withstood the Storms
Final Guardian
Early Impressions
Gone Are the Voices
Eroding Passage
Beneath an Orange Sky
Veiled Corridor
Time Like Water #1
Beyond the Ruins
Among These Ruins
Amid the Silent Stones
Breaking Light
Fading Light
All That Remains
Last Light
Even Magical Evenings Had to End
Times of Romance and Intrigue
Assemblage: There Are Places I Remember
Assemblage: All These Places Have Their Moments
Assemblage: Precious Things
Assemblage: Locked Away
assemblage: Caught in the Web of Time